Marriage equality bill straight from the patriarchy

A couple of months ago Cory Bernardi quipped in response to a question about the personal cost to him of his marriage equality robocall campaign, that “that’s like asking how much pocket money I give my wife”.

And then it clicked…

The real threat to Bernardi and his ilk, is that marriage equality and so-called “genderless marriage” will further erode these dinosaurs’ control over their own wives, and power imbalances between men and women within marriage generally.

Lyle Shelton has been right to say that the effects of redefining marriage are widespread. They are also necessary.

So here it is, well articulated by Dr Kat Gallow in an analysis of the Paterson Bill – an attempt by the conservative right to enable the gays to wed, while still acting to reinforce patriarchal power relations, neatly dressed up as protections of religious freedoms.


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It’s been a harrowing few weeks for the patriarchy. Having now been exposed, pants down, a number of big names in Hollywood appear to have been cast adrift by new-fangled feminist norms of respect for bodily autonomy, and non-exploitative deployment of personal wealth and power.

It’s so bad, that some ordinary men have taken to their global media platforms to suggest that they will never get sex again, presumably now that they can’t just take what is their right, and wailing that they hope that we women will share the power with the poor old blokes now that we have achieved global domination.

Alas. Were this but true.

The patriarchy in Australia is faring no better. Despite men’s superior earnings, better job prospects, and an implied licence (or so it seems) to sexually harass, there is a rear-guard action to protect the wellspring of patriarchal power –

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