current projects

LGBTIQ Health Market Analysis: Working in partnership with Juliet Frizzell Consulting to undertake market analysis and make recommendations that will competitively position AFAO’s members for growth in LGBTIQ health service delivery.

Strategic Plan 2021-25: Facilitation of a staff planning workshop to support development of the next CALC strategic plan.

Strategic plan: Support to the Friends For Good Board to develop a new strategic plan for the organisation.

LGBTIQ+ Needs Analysis: Undertaking a needs assessment through desktop review and community consultation to identify health and wellbeing needs, service gaps, and community strengths and resources to inform Council’s future work with the LGBTIQ+ community.

Readiness and Response WER VPS Project: Review and tailoring of the Our Watch Workplace Equality and Respect training package for delivery across the Victorian Public Service; delivery of the WER program to the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance and the Department of Health and Human Services.

(ON HOLD) Strategic Plan: Board, staff and sector consultations to support the development of a new organisational strategic plan for the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association.

(ON HOLD) Take a Stand and Active Bystander Training: Delivery of sessional training to diverse workplaces and sector leaders to prevent domestic violence and sexual harassment and promote gender equity.

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