current projects

Bayside Pride Group: Support for the establishment of a new staff working group aiming to take a proactive approach to the inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community through strategy, planning, lived experience and representation.

Inner East IHP Partnership planning: Facilitation of a workshop with the Inner East Integrated Health Promotion Partnership Leadership Group to support governance transition for delivery of the 2021-25 IHP regional plan.

Workplace Equality and Respect: Delivery of a series of Workplace Equality and Respect self-assessment workshops to the Tasmanian Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management and Department of Health.

Sessional Teaching: Partial delivery of the 22510VIC – Course in Identifying and Responding to Family Violence Risk to Diploma of Financial Counselling students in Semester 1 and 2 of 2021.

Strategic Plan: Board, staff and sector consultations to support the development of a new organisational strategic plan for the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association.

Strategic Plan: Work with the Foundation Board and staff to support the development of a new strategic plan, aligned to the broader Western Health strategic plan.

Take a Stand and Active Bystander Training: Delivery of sessional training to diverse workplaces and sector leaders to prevent violence against women, promote gender equality and facilitate prosocial bystander action.

Strategic planning 2021-23: Delivery of workshops to support Wyndham H3 Alliance Strategic and Operational Partnership Groups review the Alliance’s recent work and develop a new strategic plan aligned to a further two-year funding announcement.

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