current projects

Client and Community Participation Plan: Ongoing support for the development and delivery of the Bethany CCP Plan 2017-20, and related projects.

Strategic Plan: Supporting the development of an inaugural strategic plan for a small private allied health provider working with forensic clients and people with disability.

Brimbank Youth Services Consultation Project: Multi-partner consultations to support development of a future vision for the delivery of Brimbank Youth Services.

Healthy Eating and Active Living Initiative: Delivery of multiple workshops to support a review of current HEAL governance arrangements and future planning.

Maribyrnong Public Health and Wellbeing Reference Group: Delivery of an inception workshop to support the establishment, scoping and initial planning of the MPHW Reference Group.

Melton Brimbank Youth Suicide Prevention Network: Workshop delivery to support a rapid review of the Network’s action plan, priorities and governance arrangements.

Take a Stand and Active Bystander Training: Delivery of sessional training to diverse workplaces and sector leaders to prevent domestic violence and sexual harassment and promote gender equity.

Wyndham Best Start in Life Alliance: Review of WBSILA governance arrangements.

Wyndham H3 Alliance: Support for the Strategic Partnership Group’s annual planning; development of a client engagement and leadership framework and implementation strategy.

Wyndham Volunteering Strategy: Extensive sector and community consultation to support development of the Wyndham Volunteering Strategy 2019-2024.

Western Region Youth Inclusion Plan: Support for the development of an integrated youth engagement plan and governance structure for the Western Metropolitan Region. 

Strategic plan review: Support to review the current strategic plan and member engagement of the Yarra Drug and Health Forum following the establishment of the supervised injecting facility trial.

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