current projects

LGBTIQ Health Market Analysis: Working in partnership with Juliet Frizzell Consulting to undertake market analysis and make recommendations that will competitively position AFAO’s members for growth in LGBTIQ health service delivery.

State and Federal Budget Forum 2020: Support for the preparation and delivery of the 2020 annual forum on behalf of the Brimbank Social Justice Coalition Strategic Implementation Group.

Experience Strategy: Working with the cohealth Experience Network to support the scoping and development of an Experience Strategy that bridges staff and consumer perspectives.

Whole-of-government LGBTIQ Strategy: Facilitation of community and organisation consultations and reporting in support of Victoria’s inaugural whole-of-government LGBTIQ Strategy, one of the key priorities in the Department’s Equality Portfolio.

Strategic plan: Work with the Friends For Good Board to support the development of a new strategic plan for the organisation.

Community Conversations 2020: Work with HealthWest and partners (Centre for Multicultural Youth and Multicultural Women’s Health Centre) to co-design community conversations to inform regional planning to reduce the impact of race-based discrimination on economic inclusion in Melbourne’s west.

LGBTIQ+ Needs Analysis: Undertaking a needs assessment through desktop review and community consultation to identify health and wellbeing needs, service gaps, and community strengths and resources to inform Council’s future work with the LGBTIQ+ community.

Readiness and Response WER VPS Project: Review and tailoring of the Our Watch Workplace Equality and Respect training package for delivery across the Victorian Public Service; delivery of the WER program to the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance and the Department of Health and Human Services.

(ON HOLD) Strategic Plan: Board, staff and sector consultations to support the development of a new organisational strategic plan for the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association.

(ON HOLD) Take a Stand and Active Bystander Training: Delivery of sessional training to diverse workplaces and sector leaders to prevent domestic violence and sexual harassment and promote gender equity.

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