consulting services

Jason Rostant is a skilled writer, facilitator, educator and engagement specialist.

Since November 2015 he has been available for a range of consultancy services including:

  • consultation, focus group and workshop facilitation
  • stakeholder engagement
  • planning, strategy and organisational development
  • policy and research
  • training design and delivery
  • submissions and tenders
  • project management and service design

Jason is an Our Watch endorsed trainer available to deliver How to Change the Story and Workplace Equality and Respect training.

consulting approach


Recognising participants’ commitment, buy-in and support is maximized if they are engaged in project design, delivery and evaluation, a rights-based approach underpins processes and outcomes.

Participation and engagement

Recognising participants’ different capabilities, roles and contributions projects deepen engagement by creating trust, fostering a shared commitment to goals, and activating a range of participation opportunities through the practical application of co-design principles.


Recognising participants are accountable to one another, funding providers, and members of the community in whose interests the work is performed, projects draw upon and strengthen sound governance and transparent reporting.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Recognising processes and directions must respond to the priorities of multiple interests, ongoing stakeholder and risk analysis keeps projects grounded and ensures final products remains achievable and relevant for all participants.

Alignment of effort

Recognising multiple historical, geographic and organisational contexts, projects build on strong foundations by ensuring alignment with, and natural and logical support for partners’ values, drivers and strategic priorities.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Recognising that successful project delivery, implementation and evaluation require participant time and resources, projects draw upon and strengthen existing platforms and ensure future directions can deliver clear, measurable and practically feasible benefits.

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