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Telstra CEO, Andy Penn is reported to have told staff that the election and plebiscite are now the places for people to have their say, and so Telstra plans to let these processes run their course.

This would be fine, sorta, except the plebiscite is not widely supported because it is expected to be so divisive and damaging. Not to mention costly and unnecessary.

Rather than being a time for supporters to remain silent, it is now more critical than ever that they speak up. The Catholic Church and other opponents have made it very clear they’re not planning to go forward quietly. And they will use every trick in the book to silence others, as they’ve just shown.

Some may say Telstra has no place in politics. By that measure, neither should the church be meddling in politics or corporate boardrooms. But this is a social and human rights issue of national significance in which many institutions will rightly have a perspective.

For you Telstra, I can only imagine how your GLBTI staff, their families and allies are feeling today.Originally posted to Telstra Facebook page

UPDATE 18/4/16:


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